Record of Discussion on Technical Cooperation

Tue, 16 January 2018. Read: 393 times

November 28, 2017. Highland Research and Development Institute. (Public Organization) organized a seminar to exchange knowledge on research and development of low carbon community.

The signing ceremony was jointly signed by the four institutes, the Office of Agricultural and Environmental Research under the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences (GDAAS). Mahidol University And the Institute for Space Development.

All four agencies have agreed to cooperate in the research and development of low carbon activities with GDAAS, including research and development in the field of recycling agriculture or recycling of agricultural residues.

Research and development on fertilizers and water for fruit and vegetable production. Research and development on the use of microorganisms in pest control. Soil remediation and heavy metal solution in soil.

Research and development on low carbon highland communities. The Collaborative Methodology will be a meeting place to present the progress of the annual research, alternately hosted. To increase the exchange of new knowledge.

Include technical study visit in place or conversion work or laboratory. During the study, the delegates were assisted by a consular officer. (Department of Agriculture), Guangzhou China.

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